99.9% Client / Participant Satisfaction

Troy has worked with our Senior Leadership team with shaping our Diversity & Inclusion Vision, while also assisting in establishing our D & I Council. His ability to connect with and engage all levels of the organization while honoring our Mission, Vision and Values has been extraordinary, and his accountability framework has been truly invaluable. In addition, his Service Excellence and Conflict Management approach is what any organization needs when it is serious about relationships, respect and results. Troy earns your trust and he honors that responsibility with actions that enhance organizational culture.

Mary Runge, President

Troy's leadership and communication competence are quite remarkable. In an age of instant results, he gets the job done while building healthy, respectful and productive relationships.

Tom Tauke, Executive Vice President - Public Affairs, Policy and Communications


Without question, Troy Cicero is the best trainer and communicator I have met in my

many years of working in human resources. His proficiency and work with emotional

intelligence is cutting-edge. He thoroughly knows his subject matter and skillfully and

respectfully engages every person in the room in the process. His enthusiasm and non-

judgmental style makes everyone feel at ease and comfortable about expressing their

opinions and beliefs. Troy is held in the highest esteem by the employees and senior

leadership of our hospital.

Frances Lefkow, Director, Human Resources

Working with MulticultuReal Communications and Troy Cicero, was a gratifying experience for our Health Sciences Center. We were in need of a Cultural Assessment and Situation Analysis, and we received an unbiased approach, competence and results. We have raised our level of consciousness and accountability for institutional growth and sustainability.

Anne Simpson, MD, CMD, Professor of Medicine, Director: Institute for Ethics


Troy Cicero enriches us all by bringing the wealth of his teachings as well as the depth and integrity of his person. As a strong leader with dynamic counseling skills and strategies, Troy can expertly navigate conflict, build consensus, challenge the status quo, and encourage individuals to action. I have the greatest confidence in his leadership, his intellect, his vision, and his judgment. For ten years, he has led a moving program whose goals were to raise awareness of prejudice, racism, and bigotry, to teach students that name-calling and bullying "can really hurt", and to provide students and adults with leadership skills necessary to create change. I have gained so much from his expertise, efforts, and emotional intelligence.

Jan Borha, former Principal


With multiple opportunities to interact with Troy, I can say that he is passionate about his work, knowledgeable, thorough, a skilled facilitator, engaging and charismatic. Whether dealing with issues of diversity, respect, change management, or others, Troy brings his audience with him and gets participants to identify with the topic. I enthusiastically recommend him to any organization that is seeking to create a more effective work environment and improve the quality of work life for their employees.

Mike Riordan, President and CEO, (former President and CEO - U of Chicago Hospitals)


Having made numerous requests of Troy, ranging from mentoring students, to training my administrative staff in areas of Diversity and Inclusion, Conflict Resolution, and Cultural Competency, to heightening the awareness and interactional behavior of teachers and other staff in the district, he has exceeded my expectations in every way. Troy is knowledgeable, dynamic, caring, adaptable, and fully committed to excellence. These are qualities that benefit all those he comes into contact with.

Dr. Phyllis Wilson, retired Superintendent - District 86


When it comes to training, Troy Cicero is a phenomenal talent. He has an uncanny ability to learn the names of all participants instantaneously. He connects, bonds with every individual, and ignites an energy of learning, healthy exchange of ideas and perspectives, and accountability.

Lynn Gaddis, Chicago Banking, 1st Vice President, Human Resources


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