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These are tumultuous times in our world and workplace.  What are young people absorbing?  What are adults role modeling?  We don’t believe it’s a good idea to think of one person or one group to blame.  We encourage people to seriously consider empathy, communication and accountability.


We all bring our own unique values, beliefs, and life experiences to work every day.  Though we are on the same team, those differences often surface cross-culturally; when conflict arises, tension escalates, trust declines, and respect diminishes… manifesting in strong emotions, negative attitudes, unprofessional behavior, low morale, and lost productivity.


The question becomes -- What are you willing to invest to create an environment where people want to contribute their full talents, gifts, and skills to the success of your organization?


Our customization approach empowers leaders and all individuals with tools, skills, strategies, knowledge and awareness, to take accountability for their thoughts, emotions, attitudes, actions and behavior, for immediate workplace application.


The MulticultuReal® ‘Relationship’ & ‘Accountability’ Model™ is a 4 Level / 10 Step “game-changer” Tool designed to establish relationships and empower accountability.  It is unequivocally, the solution we need in our world and workplace today.


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Troy Cicero

President and Chief Skill Officer


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